The Breeze or the Storm?

As the remnants of Hurricane Isaias blusters through, I feel fascinated by its dark power. Its forces, which overturned cars just a few states away, is now but a pleasant, blustery breeze, a welcome change in our days of constant heat and humidity. 

As artists, some of us cloak our true voice, our power. Much like the hurricane, by the time we are done processing and rethinking, imagining how people will receive our music, we may find that while it may be technically executed better than maybe when we wrote it, it somehow lost something in the process. When the emotions are raw and pouring out, there is an honesty to that music, despite any mistakes we may have made. 

So the question is this: The breeze or the storm?

The breeze may be sonorous and more pleasant to listen to. But I often find I prefer the storm. 

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