The indescribable sense of loss when you watch years of memories being torn apart. 

Pad Thai just really want some. I mean, REALLY want some. 


This is not a folk album...and an entirely new genre for me. It's raw and unapologetic. Here is a sample track, called "Dark," about watching your lover sleep after you die...and finding out every last one of their secrets. 


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Sometimes, you just gotta let it all out...

The Bells of London 

I wrote this the night before the heat wave in Europe. Having been in the UK, I knew how bad this would be. Something about the old buildings, lack of trees, etc. made the 80s feel like the 100s. As…

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Battle Cry 

When you have to fight for or against something, do you find your own battle cry somewhere deep inside you? And when your energy, courage, or resolve is flagging, do you find that its sound comes to your mind just…

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Tomorrow's Medicine 

Once again, you try to scramble up from the ashes, reform the phoenix wings again out of a bit less ash than last time. Again. And again. You are tired from the fighting. You want someone else to take up…

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There Are No Words 

As I watch the horrible images come through the TV, there are no words for what I feel. So much pointless loss of life, destruction of worlds, and for what? This piece has been cycling through my head on repeat…

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Times They Are A'Changin' 

I knew 2022 was going to be a rough year. But on New Year's Eve, I never dreamed we would be staring into the maw of World War III. 

So many things in life up until now, I've taken for…

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Music: Your Best Friend

When you get a piece of really bad news, get your heart broken, are sick, or someone you love dies, do you pick up the phone? Or do you turn off the phone and turn to music? 

When I'm down…

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Quality vs. Quantity and Being Present

I am home from a whirlwind trip, one in which I tried to fit a month's worth of sights into a few days. When I have time off, it seems that I try to always do way too much. In…

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