A Blast from the Past: "Nashad" 

I was thinking about this song I wrote in 2003 today. It was written from a place of dawning heartbreak, when your subconscious mind knows the truth before you do. I am singing in my “tongues," a way I sing when it's coming from a spiritual place. The words are in different language and it often has a message within that I have to figure out. I let the songs named themselves, usually. I ask the song, “What is your name?" And I almost instantly have the answer. In this case, the name was “Nashad.” I didn't know what it meant, so I looked it up. The meaning was “sorrowful, mournful.” A very appropriate name for the song. Back then, I had production challenges (still do) so there's quite a bit of noise in the background. But I didn't want this song to get lost to the ages. 

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