Music: Your Best Friend

When you get a piece of really bad news, get your heart broken, are sick, or someone you love dies, do you pick up the phone? Or do you turn off the phone and turn to music? 

When I'm down — like rock-bottom down — I find that I can crawl into the world of my music and disappear there. As I sink into the words and harmonies, the air flowing in and out of my lungs, I can exist for a while in another world, another time, where for just a few moments, nothing can touch me. It feels like crawling under a toasty comforter in the softest pillowtop bed you can imagine. Or floating down a lazy stream on a warm summer day, with nothing to do, nowhere to be. 

The reality always comes screaming back before long. But the music continues to flow in my brain, soothing me, saying, Yes, I understand you. And unlike many people, music doesn't kick you when you're down or let you down. It is always there, waiting to connect, to help wash your pain away. 

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