Her voice is sublime, the sound of bells ringing across a meadow. Her music gives me chills, the good kind.” - Mark LaFlamme, Sun Journal

Facetime: The divine voice of Nicole LePera

Soul Songs & Spirit Collages


The picture to the left is a stone cairn at Iceland's Laufskálavarða, in which it is traditional to leave a rock for good luck as you pass for the first time. As you stand on this hallowed ground, stone cairns all around you, you are struck by the fact that through the years, each stone had a story, left there by the hands of some weary traveler. 

Music, to me, is just that your story. All the places you have been, all the things you have seen, heard, felt, tasted, and touched. The experiences you cannot possibly explain. The mysteries that are revealed. It is the language your spirit speaks that can say all the things that words cannot. 

I hope that my offerings move you and encourage you to tell the story of your life, whether through art, or sharing it with your loved ones. 

P.S. This is not the website of my name doppelgänger, Dr. Nicole LePera, aka The Holistic Psychologist. 

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