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The Far Country

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The Far Country is the place the people and creatures go when they pass on from this world. Captures the kind of deep loss and grief you feel when you realize they are really gone and you sorely wish you could follow them...but you know that it's impossible.



The faraway country is strange
All who left have changed
I stand on the roof
Try to touch the gate
But it’s always too far away

The faraway country has my soul
I cry tears beyond my control
I’ve been blessed to know them
These rare hearts

The faraway country isn’t fair
Makes me cry buckets of tears into my hair
I want to follow but I cannot compare
They only take the rarest kind

And I want to know
Everything that goes on inside its walls
But everything is faded
And there is no following
To the far country.

There is no following
To the far country.

All words and music by Nicole LePera
©2016 Nicole LePera. All rights reserved.