The beginnings of this song started going through my head on my way home from Iceland, something my partner arranged for me because I thought I'd never get to go. What I saw was beyond description, soul-melting beauty that was so moving that it changed me forever. I started thinking about all the things we had been through together and how beautiful it all was.


For my consiglieri

In debt to you, my friend
Ice roads in the corner of my mind
You took me on a trail I'd never find
My purpose is fulfilled, as is my time
I wake to the sound of eagles
Crying in their nest so far away
And the world turns on a snake
And this harbor will always ache.

Ground beyond a trace is my name
And my poetry will never be the same
I can't figure out where this day went
So many years in my arms
In my arms...

It's been beautiful, the flight with you
It's been beautiful, all the fight with you
I turn to you when you're longing
I turn to you in the darkness
You comfort me
You comfort me
You comfort me
You comfort me
You comfort me
Comfort me

All words and music by Nicole LePera
©2018 Nicole LePera. All rights reserved.