1. Mothers

From the recording All Folk Selections

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For my mom, who was all that

Mothers, they’re born
Mothers, they die
They’ll make you laugh
They’ll make you cry
Mothers, they give
They give quite a lot
They’ll give you everything
That they’ve got

Mothers, they try
Mothers, they pray
They always know
Just what to say
They always go
The extra mile for you
They always do

Mothers, they know
They’ll pick up the phone
At 3 a.m.
When there’s no one else home

Mothers, they hear
What you’re not saying
They stay up for hours
Thinking and praying
Mothers they love
So fiercely and true
They’d do anything
To help you
Mothers, they’re kind
Mothers, they’re strong
And they’re rarely wrong

But mothers, they age
When you’re not looking
Living and loving
Laughing and cooking
Food that you love
Food that you need
That nourishes your soul
When you bleed

Mothers, they greet you
With open arms
Even when you’ve done
Everything wrong
Mothers create
A kind world for you
They always do

Mothers, they scowl
And they will destroy
Anyone who dares hurt
Their little girl or boy
They’re always there
They can always be found
Till the day someone tells you
They’re no longer around

Mothers, they breathe
Life into you
With all that are
And all that they do
Mothers, they love
To hold your hand
They understand

And mothers, oh how
They break your heart
I don’t even know
Where to start
When they become
A ghost in your life
And where their warmth was
Is nothing but ice

Mothers, they hold
On so hard to you
Trying to be part
Of all that you do
And how you wish
You’d let them in
When you had the time

Cause when they are gone
There are no more days
And there’s so much
That you needed to say
You remember her face
You remember her hair
And oh how badly
You wish she were there

The empty chair
Where she used to be
And all the places
She wanted to see
All the clothes
At the top of the stair
She’s everywhere...

So while she’s here
Do what you can
Be a good girl
Be a big man
Pick up the phone
Give her a call
Take her out to dinner
Shopping at the mall
Take her to the places
That she wants to see
If you don’t think you have time
Do it for me.
Cause I wish I could
I wish I could.

All music and lyrics by Nicole LePera. ©2019 Nicole LePera. All rights reserved.