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The Devil Woman of Wichita

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In a white Chevy van
She been lookin' for a man
And she carries all her secrets
In the palm of her hand
All the boys of Wichita
Leave half a man

That girl, she lives in the sewers
In the back of your mind
She won't leave you burning, baby
She won't leave anything behind
You're afraid you'll lose your heart
But she leaves with your mind.

She is a vampire
Looking for her next mark
She can build hell's inferno
All she needs is one spark
If you're headed out to Wichita
Be careful where you wander in the dark.

She has no heart
She has no soul
She has no fear
She'll never get old

In a white Chevy van
In a white Chevy van
In a white Chevy van
Oh yeah
Keep your pockets and your hands to yourself
In the streets of Wichita.

All music and lyrics by Nicole LePera. ©2004 Nicole LePera. All rights reserved. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.