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Come Home to Me

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(For Elizabeth LePera, 1936 - 2018)

I always hope
I always dream
But there's nothing
In between
I always know
I always ache
But there's nothing,
No path to take
I know
You know --
You understand me
Cause you
Always knew
The truth about me

And I know
You can recall
The time
The time

I want you home
I want you here
At the top the stairs
Where you lived
Where you breathed
Where you meant
The world to me
The path aches
And I want you
To come home

The place where you lived
The place where you'd give and give
The place where you fell
From the world
I want you here
Here right now
I want you here
Here at last
Come home
Come home to me
Come home
Come home to me.

All music and lyrics by Nicole LePera. ©2019 Nicole LePera. All rights reserved.