1. The Lantern

From the recording All Folk Selections

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The Lantern

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Silent grove
All fall over
My body

Forgot to pray
But I tell you
I’m fine

I take my time
Talking to you
And telling you everything
You want me to
But I can see
In front of me
A light
A light shining on
Shining on

There’s a faraway place
In my mind
That I go to
When I need to find peace
Find peace

And the tears they fall
And the lies to the world
And all I’ve been told to believe
And the storms come
But no one believes
No one believes
No one believes

The seasons come and go
As above, so below
I’ve done all they asked me to do
Every way they wanted me to

And the stars come and unfurl
The lantern shines over the world
And all I try
And all I speak
They refuse to believe
To believe
To believe
To believe
To believe
To believe
To believe.

All music and lyrics by Nicole LePera. ©2019 Nicole LePera. All rights reserved.