Why live in a well 

When there is mercy 



There is mercy on us 


There are places you’re going to see 

The sky’s so blue 

Don’t you cry for me 

Cause I know what I’m gonna do 



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Fool Me Once 

Preview from album coming out months from now. 


When your pretty stained glass illusions shatter (and they always will), cry your tears, then joyfully sweep the colored shards away. For the sunlight you stand in now is pure, ancient, and true. 


This piece from my upcoming album, Bastard Helga, has been going through my head all day. 

An Old-School Piano Improv 

I will so miss this old friend, my childhood piano...she has gone out of tune over the years and I took her for granted. But after playing her again, it was something akin to coming home again...and her familiar, sweet…

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When you're fed up on a cold, rainy day. 

Judy's Tears 

Goodbye, sweet little friend. 


The indescribable sense of loss when you watch years of memories being torn apart. 

Pad Thai just really want some. I mean, REALLY want some. 


This is not a folk album...and an entirely new genre for me. It's raw and unapologetic. Here is a sample track, called "Dark," about watching your lover sleep after you die...and finding out every last one of their secrets. 


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Sometimes, you just gotta let it all out...