I improvised this on my piano, which is in need of a tuning, but she still sounds sweet. I think it's interesting that I wrote these lyrics last night, not really knowing what they meant or whom they were speaking…

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Hey, B**** 

This is an old-school vengeance anthem. Think mean girls at recess. Equal parts catty, goofy, and creepy. 

A Blast from the Past: "Nashad" 

I was thinking about this song I wrote in 2003 today. It was written from a place of dawning heartbreak, when your subconscious mind knows the truth before you do. I am singing in my “tongues," a way I sing…

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A prayer. 


To all the people I don't see anymore 

With their shoulda-woulda-couldas 

And their heavy vice of blame 

Countin' many ways they thought I was shamed 

"Why didn't you?" she asked with frown 

When I hoped…

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