The Youngest Listener

I was featured on WMPG's Podcast Open Mic recently, which was a lot of fun. When your music is played on the radio, you never know who will be listening, or what their opinion of your music will be. But you just put it out there all the same. 

I was surprised to learn that one of my listeners was the child of a friend of mine, about 8 years old. She apparently really liked the music, which I would not expect of someone so young. It really made my day — and it also made me realize that you just never know who will end up liking your music, and the results may really surprise you. 

Another surprise was that my father loved many of my experimental tracks, which I had never shared with him all these years, assuming they would not be his cup of tea. It just goes to show you — you never can tell whom your music will reach. So if you are a musician, just keep on making the music...and let the coins fall where they may!  

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