The Never-Ending Balancing Act

We'd all like to have all the time in the world to make music — after all, that's what we came to this planet to do. But life often throws a wrench into our best-laid plans — a child gets sick, your shift is shorthanded and you have to work overtime. And that relaxing evening you had planned spending time in your thoughts and coming up with your next favorite song? Well, it just didn't happen. 

What do you do when you are faced with this situation? Do you try to make it up somehow the next day? Or do you get caught inside the immediate needs of the current time — only to find that several weeks later, you have completely lost your momentum? 

There are still those bold enough to throw all caution to the wind and go for it 100 percent — and this often means not knowing where they will lay their head that night, let alone when they will have their next meal. Not many of us are quite so brave.

Life and art don't always cooperate — but many artists I have known have learned to be quite creative in how they champion their careers as artists while still making a living, raising children, and attending to their other responsibilities. With a little brainstorming, what seems impossible can often become quite possible — if you are able to see the opportunities lying just under your nose.  



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