to walk the stars

Standing on the edge of the world,
You are as a god, seeing all,
The truths of life stretched out before you -
The euphoria blinding,
the darkness destroying, then creating anew.
You have seen many things,
And have cried tears of beauty most humans can never comprehend.
No one could see the tiny life snuffing out
By the side of the road,
But you stopped and held it tenderly in your hands,
For you have seen much and understand its true significance.
How hard it must be to sacrifice the life of gods,
traveling the rare, uncharted roads
For the simple path of a mere man.
For life itself you sacrifice your omnipotence,
As man's physical limitations could never survive it,
All truths, for all of time.
With a heavy heart, you walk through the door
Knowing what you know,
Seeing what you have seen.
To trade your wings for feet of clay,
Leaving the heavens and all of its secrets behind.

NEL 11/04