strawberry tears

Last night as I was drifting off, i lay in bed, contemplating
the many fruits of the earth. As if by magic, my mind brought
forth the perfect image of the reddest, ripest, sweetest 
strawberry I have ever experienced. I drank in the color, 
scent, taste, texture and found myself weeping. It is a truly 
beautiful thing that the Lord and Lady would give us something
so wonderful, so perfect in beauty and pleasure. Soon I found
myself in a field of golden pear trees, their fruit hanging heavily
on the boughs, bathed in delicious scent and sunshine. Shy 
blueberries peeking out of thickets, ripe, proud oranges bursting
with sunlight. I was overwhelmed by this display of perfect
beauty and the love the earth must hold for its creatures. I drove
out at midnight for an ice cream. Orange-pineapple and strawberry. 
As each kaleidoscope of color, scent and flavor exploded onto
my tongue, I found my heart smiling joyfully to the heavens and
a silent "thank you" hovering upon my lips. 

NEL 5/02