red and crystalline

He was in my pocket today
A small reminder of time passing
Words left unsaid
Words not allowed to say Falsehoods of protection
There among the many banal things that
Fill my days now
As I try to forget how it felt
To have my soul held for awhile
Cherished, understood, touched
By a clay-encased piece of Divinity
One that beats angry war drums in the night
Whose words were the only ones that ever sank so deeply into your bones
And took up residence there.
A tiny crystalline red droplet
slides down my chest
An small escapee from the monster of my mouth
As I bite into the forbidden fruit.
I keep boxes of them
Hidden away on my shelves
As a reminder of a much sweeter time
Stray pieces of love still held cherished.
I see them everywhere I go
In supermarkets, in movie theaters
Hidden in a bag at the bottom of a stairwell.
They are small things
Small and sweet
Encased in chocolate
With a ruby red center
Like a warm, beating heart.

NEL 1/20/07