of ages past
You took yourself away
   slow and quietly slipping,
   in microscopically small moments.
   Too small to notice at first
   until they came
   as lightning flashes,
   a single instant
   illuminating a dark, mysterious land 
   with the brilliance of daytime. 
   Looking into your eyes,
   nothing looks back.
   You no longer see my soul. 
   I am merely a thing to you,
   something that defines you.
   I shrink away,
   not wanting to taste this bitter truth,
   wanting to remember what was.
You do not remember.
   You only see what you want to see.
The sky tonight 
   was dancing. 
   Full of ions,
   of light, of sound, of energy,
   passion of earth and sky.
   I blot out a shard of lighting 
   with the palm of my hand
   and for a split second
   I believe I could wish it away. 
   But dreams are deeper than that
   and they remember 
   the answer beyond the crash
   the tiny, thinned, angelic voices
   full of singing,
   from a time of ages past. 
NEL 7/04