daisies and ashes
one springs from your mind, fresh & whole
screaming blue whiteness, eating small dots of green field, 
blisters of alabaster on a Poseidon hill.
holding the fate of lovers in their snowy white petals,
who stare into the golden eye that sees all,
resting easy in the cares of countless tomorrows. 

coal flame, searing nuggets of degenerated tree,
sparking madly the magic wizard dancing within
casting tiny firebots in the night sky,
painting dangerous tapestries around which one must sit
to look deep into the eerie light
to face the ancient truths still planted in the heart somewhere. 

languish not, for the blooms are too brief
A few glorious days before the cheery faces 
hang over sadly in the fields, 
eyes downcast into the earth, where they are fated to return.
the tree's long flowering life of beauty
now flickers its life to dust,
a once-something moment, 
an "is" to "is not" only seconds later. 

a gypsy moth dives a suicide trail into the flame,
unable to resist the very thing that will disintegrate it,
to turn its soft, papery wings to cinder and soot.
i push its hidden form into the flame,
where light sparks wildly from its once heavenward flights,
the light dwindles so quickly from between these lives,
the "have" and the "will have again" someday. 

NEL 5/02