about me


One of the best things you can do in life is to learn to be fully

yourself. Truly who you are and not what you or others think you

should be. I have found that one of the best ways to do that

is music. It's always been a blessing, one that often keeps me up

half the night, but something I can't do without any more than

eating or sleeping (though the latter I tend to neglect quite often.)

My music tends to span the gamut of styles, as you have probably

noticed. I just write whatever comes to me, with no censoring

whatsoever. This has brought me some rather uncomfortable songs

such as "The Carousel" and "Wolf." It's important to remember

that I do not always write from my own perspective, I might be

writing from yours. Or maybe the world's. Or I might be speaking

in pure symbolism. Or, I might be speaking pure nonsense. :)

I plan to keep on living, keep on writing, keep on playing, solo

for the most part, although I do enjoy collaboration with other

songwriting pals. These pals also span the gamut, I have friends

in pure folk and others in crazed black-metal-surf-grunge.


I have an interesting background in that I received a Masters

Degree in Music Composition, writing string quartets, orchestra

music and the like. However, I ended up returning to the world

of songwriting, abandoning the more complex styles of music.

However I do not regret my time spent in these pursuits as I

certainly learned much about orchestration, musical styles and

history, as well as receiving excellent vocal training.


Eternally curious and playful, I have been known to hop in the car

and take rides todistant places on a whim. I have a hard time sitting

at home on a sunny weekend day. Especially when I live in such a lovely

location. Interests include music obviously, creating shiny shiny

artworks, barfing up soundbytes in my sick webcomic. I am also

working on a novel. At any rate, it's rare that I can't find something

interesting to do! I am looking to continue performing in the New

England area, so if you are interested in inviting me to play at an event,

radio show, etc. please contact me at nicole@nicolelepera.com.

Thank you for visiting my site!